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26 April 2014 @ 07:21 pm
The Courtesan - Introduction  
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British Wizarding World - 15th Century

1485- When the prominent Potter family refused to support The Duke Albus Dumbledore in his campaign to become Head of the Wizegamot,he retaliated by having them killed. The only survivor of the massacre is five-year-old Annabel Potter, thanks to the actions of Anna's mother's - Lily Potter - closest friend Severus Snape, a famous Potions Master.

Now,10 years later Annabel- better known as Anne Evans - is working as a high-class prostitute, willingly, while Albus Dumbledore has become the most powerful and influential men in the (British) Wizarding World with even the King - Cornelius I (Fudge) - as a puppet in his hands. She has only one thing in mind - revenge - and she's prepared to do everything to see her plans come to fruition.

However, the Baron Sirius Black's unexpected appearance as one of her customers allows her to carry out her plans much more quickly than even herself was expecting. FemHarry, Dark!Harry, Manipulative!Harry, Seductress!FemHarry, Prostitute!FemHarry, Chan(FemHarry is 12 when she has her first sexual experience).

FemHarry/Tom Riddle as the major pairing with FemHarry/Sirius, FemHarry/Draco, FemHarry/Lucius and in general FemHarry/Multi - she was/is a prostitute after all -.

So, I had this pretty good idea for a Harry Potter story. It's AU but not AH, since it's still set in the Wizarding World but in the 15th Century. Tell me what you think!

Disclaimer: I'm not J.K. Rowling. I don't own Harry Potter. I just like to use its characters in my crazy plots.

Warning: Sexual act with a 12-year-old involved. You have been warned. Dub-con.

Since the birth of the Wizarding World there have been two factions - and the Wizegamot too reflects this division - the light and the dark, according to the different predispositions in their magic. During this period the leaders of the two sides are the Duke of Mouldwold Albus Dumbledore from the Light and the Duke of Nurmengard Gellert Grindelwald from the Dark. But when Gellert Grindelwald dies without heirs - in 1485 - leaving a power vacuum, Albus Dumbledore takes advantage of the opportunity to become the Head of the Wizegamot so that all the power would immediately flood into his hands.

The Potters are an influential light family. When Sir James Potter and his wife Lady Lily Potter refuse him political support in his campaign to become Head of the Wizegamot - the British Wizarding Parliament, Government and Law Court at the same time - Dumbledore orders them killed. The Wizegamot is comprised of Lords for very ancient, powerful, rich and pure-blooded families - like the Black, the Malfoy, the Lestrange, the Nott, the Longbottom and the Potter once too - and it's basically them that controls the Wizarding World with the King as a representative figure for the most part.

James and Lily's daughter Annabel - and only heir - is saved by Severus Snape - Lily's childhood friend. Unfortunately Severus is gravely injured while bringing her to a muggle orphanage, telling the matron at the orphanage that her name is Anne Evans. Severus's intention was to leave her there for a little while before coming back to retrieve her but unfortunately it took years for him to heal. When he comes back to the orphanage years later, it's already too late, Annabel is not there anymore.

At the age of 12 Annabel - as Anne - is bought by the owner of a brothel because of her amazing beauty. After just one year she becomes the favorite of very rich customers who gift her with expensive presents and pay her far more than every other girl in the brothel.

During this time she starts to study magic after having found the entrance to Diagon Alley.(Annabel knows how to write and read so she starts to study on her own different subjects besides magic).

10 years after the murder of the Potters Albus Dumbledore has become the most powerful and influential figure in the Wizarding Word but there's another person who's gaining power very fast, the only living heir of Salazar Slytherin, the half-blood Tom Marvolo Riddle, the new Duke of Hangleton.

At this point in time, Annabel is fifteen and she has become a very sought-after high-class prostitute who has rich muggles as regular customers. It's thanks to this position that one day she found herself Lord Sirius Black as a customer. Annabel knows who he is, that he's a very rich and powerful wizard from a Dark family who has decided to stay out of politics - in contrast to his wife Andromeda who was a supporter of the Light side - since she has kept herself informed during the years about the going-ons of the Wizarding World. Sirius doesn't know who she really is but he's absolutely captivated by her. Sirius starts to come back to see her everyday but soon seeing her for just a few hours is not enough for him anymore. He decides to bring her with him to the Wizarding World - since he knows that she's a witch but he thinks she's a muggleborn witch - by telling everyone - his wife excluded - that she's his deceased brother's daughter. Annabel convinces Sirius to blood-adopt her so that no one would ever have any doubt that she was a Black. Her name at that point is changed into Electra Black. Since Sirius is married but his wife didn't give him an heir yet, he doesn't realize that by doing this he has just transformed a mudblood courtesan into the heir of the Black fortune since Sirius does not have an heir to pass his fortune to. His wife Andromeda - since she's also Sirius's first cousin - would have become the heir - or her son before her if she had had one - but since now Annabel - as Electra - legally appeared as Regulus Black's daughter, she has suddenly become the legitimate heir in the absence of male heirs.

Over time Electra gains so much influence over Sirius that she convinces him to hire private tutors for her education - magical and non - since everyone has to believe that she's the Black heiress.

When Annabel - Electra - is 17 years old, tragedy strikes and both Sirius and Andromeda die in an accident. Having reached her majority, Electra gains the title of Baroness and gains complete control of both the Black fortune and the Potter's. In this two years she met Severus again and after Sirius's death, she hires him as her personal Potions Master to have him close to her since he's actually the only person she knows she can trust.

Annabel however - as a woman - is not allowed to live alone until she's 21 years of age - or until she marries - and in that moment comes forth Narcissa Malfoy - Sirius's first cousin - and married with Lucius Malfoy - the Marquess of Wiltshire -. Narcissa hopes to manipulate Electra into marry her son - Draco Malfoy, the Earl of Hawthorne - so she could take control of the Black inheritance that she already considers hers. But of course Electra is not easily manipulated and, to Narcissa's ire, she has both son and father wrapped around her fingers in very little time.

Annabel hopes that, since she's now part of the Malfoy family, she will be able to finally get near to the only man who's quickly becoming as powerful as Dumbledore himself, the only person powerful enough to help her accomplish her goals, his grace Tom Riddle. But gaining Riddle's alliance is not an easy task. Especially because the man doesn't have allies, he has servants that do his bidding. The only possibility she has is that of making him fall in love with her. And after all, how hard can it be? Tom Riddle is still a man, no matter how powerful he is, and Annabel is used to having men falling at her feet.

Soon however what started as just another one of her games, becomes too personal when Electra herself starts to become emotionally involved. But that's not love she's feeling, it's not possible, she has given up her heart a long time ago.


31 October 1485 - Godric's Hollow Manor, Sussex

"Please Severus, protect her! They will be here soon!" The woman pleaded in a whisper, her tone frantic and scared. They were in her personal chambers, and she could hear perfectly Dumbledore's men marching all over the house and killing everyone who was in their way. Fathomless dark eyes looked back at her, determination clear in his gaze.

"With my life. I swear to you Lily. Your daughter will survive. I'll do everything in my power to keep her safe!"

The woman called Lily sighed in relief. "Thank you Severus. I knew I could count on you." In that moment a beautiful little girl of no more than five years old interrupted the conversation, her big green eyes looking at the dark stranger curiously. "Who's this mummy?"

"This is Severus, darling. He's a dear friend of mine. I knew him since I was your age." The girl looked at him with all the innocence of youth and extended her hand to be kissed. "Nice to meet you sir." Severus looked at the beautiful girl with surprise but took her hand anyway and kiss the air over it like the usual greeting required. "It's a pleasure to meet you too my lady." The girl smiled at him and Severus's heart flipped in reply. She looked so much like Lily did at her age and yet different. She had a dark beauty in her that in ten years time could turn men crazy just to have a taste of her. Even now, at only five, her eyes possessed a strange seductive quality in them that shouldn't be possible at her young age. Severus shivered, imagining what those men invading the house could do to someone so beautiful and pure.

"Now Anna listen. You have to go with Severus all right? You have to be good and do everything he tells you to. It's very important, all right my sweet?" Lily was telling, caressing her daughter's hair reassuringly.

"But what about you, mummy? Aren't you coming too?"

Lily looked at Severus for a moment, a sad, haunted gaze that pierced through Severus's heart.

"No darling. I can't come." Annabel looked confused but didn't ask any question. Severus knew very well that Lily had just admitted that she knew she wouldn't survive this. Severus knew it too.

"Lily, take this. It's a better way to go that everything those men could have in mind for you." He handed her a poison that would have killed her while sleeping. It was the most peaceful way to die he knew. It was usually given to those plagued by diseases when there was no other cure.

Lily blinked, her eyes - green just like her daughters' were but so different at the same time - filled with tears. "Thank you Severus. Go now, you have to go!" Severus took Annabel's hand in his and nodded. After a last look towards his childhood friend and love of his life, he turned and started to run, Annabel's short legs trying to keep up with his pace. He followed the maze of secret rooms usually used by the servants to reach the back door that lead to the gardens outside. They needed to reach the end of the wards and they would be safe. He kept running with all his might, not looking behind him. He could hear Annabel's little cries but he couldn't allow himself to stop, not even for a second. They were about to cross the line that separated the wards of the house but suddenly he heard someone behind him. He turned quickly, Annabel's small body covered by his tall frame.

"Give her to me. You would be heavily rewarded for this." The man said with a smirk, the wand in his hand poised to strike. Severus shook his head and immediately attacked. After a couple of spells exchanged between the two, Severus was able to start running again. He crossed the line with a sigh of relief, Annabel's body held tight in his arms. Suddenly he felt a spell hitting his back and then a searing pain that stole his breath away for a few seconds. Severus turned to the man and hit him with the Avada Kedavra square in the chest. Nobody had to know that little Annabel was alive. He apparated away from there for sheer force of will, in front of the stairs of an orphanage in London, bleeding heavily. He took a deep breath before knocking on the door, looking with glazed eyes at his silent companion. Annabel was silent, seemingly in a state of shock, staring fixedly in front of her.

The matron of the orphanage finally opened the door and Severus sighed in relief. "Please take her." He said in a whisper. The matron blinked at him surprised. "Take her please. I'll be back."

"What's her name?" The matron asked, still hesitating.

"Anne." Severus answered without need to think. "Anne Evans."

"Severus?" Annabel called out to him, now both scared and confused. "It will be okay. You have to stay here a little while but I'll be back. I promise. Be strong." Annabel nodded at him and didn't talk anymore, following dejectedly the woman inside. Severus sighed, closed his eyes to find strength within himself and apparated away towards his home, intent to go back as soon as his injuries would have healed.

31 July 1492 - St Mary's Orphanage, London

Annabel - or Anne, as everyone at the orphanage called her - had spent the first year in the gloomy building, waiting for Severus to come back. After a while she had simply stopped waiting, and hoping to go back to the life that she had before that terrible day. The despair, that that revelation had caused together with the certainty that her parents were really dead, didn't last for long though. Too soon anger and hate took its place. And all these negative, overpowering feelings were directed towards one single person. The Duke of Mouldwold, Albus Dumbledore himself. Annabel knew about him because she had heard her parents whispering worryingly to each other while they thought she was sleeping. They talked about the thirst for power that had started to consume this already powerful man. And the way they had refused his request to support him in his campaign to become the new Head of the Wizegamot, even knowing perfectly well the consequences this gesture would have brought on their family. But James was firm in his ideals. The Head of the Wizegamot had to be someone completely neutral, someone who didn't belong to either part, not someone who was already the Leader of one of the two factions. It was the only way to maintain the balance and avoid the power to weight too much on one side.

Annabel hated this man, whose face she could barely remember after having him met just once when their parents had organized a ball in their home. She hated him with all her being.

Unfortunately getting revenge on a Duke was easier said than done. Especially in the situation she found herself in, without money or powerful connections and completely far away from the world she belonged in. How could she get revenge on a man she couldn't even hope to get near to?

The answer to this question appeared in the form of a well-dressed, 40-something man who knocked at the door of the orphanage exactly the day of her twelfth birthday.

Annabel was surprised by the visit. It was rare for them to receive visitors, especially wealthy visitors like the one who had been just invited in the matron's office. She couldn't imagine someone like him to adopt one of the children there. And anyway there weren't any newborns right now to chose from. Because that's what young couples usually searched for. Babies, no more than one year old. She had joined the orphanage when she was five, already considered too old to be adopted. Not that she wanted to be adopted in the first place.

She was distracted from her musings by the voice of the matron calling to them. Annabel got up from the bench she was sitting on and followed the others who had been called with her away from the dining room where everybody had been gathered were the stranger first appeared.

The matron preceded them in the room where they were usually evaluated during such occasions. Annabel startled a little when she noticed that only girls had been called and no more young than her own age at that, thing that was already strange to begin with but the way the stranger ordered them to take off their clothes transformed the situation into one she had never been in before. She looked at the other girls with her but not one of them seemed surprised by the man's request, just resigned. Annabel noticed that she was the younger there. There were other five girls in the room with her, one of thirteen, two of fourteen, one of fifteen and one of sixteen. When the matron called her name and ordered her too to divest herself, she complied, nervous and confused, hands trembling. She fought the urge to cover herself with her hands once she was done. She couldn't help but take a peek at the other girls' bodies and noticed with some satisfaction that even if she was the youngest there, she had the best developed body of all of them. Her breasts were bigger, her thighs and bottom already that of a woman. She was even taller than most of them were.

The stranger looked at them, one at a time but he didn't seem very impressed with what he saw.

When it came her turn, the expression on his face suddenly changed, his eyes looking at her with an expression that she didn't completely understand - but that had become extremely common lately in every man she came in contact with -. He came close to her, his eyes scanning her body and then her face intently.

"Oh my! What a perfect, little flower you are." His voice was raspy and it sent a shiver down her spine. "How old are you girl?"

Annabel looked at the ground, her arms at her sides and mumbled in a barely audible voice. "I just turned 12 today sir."

"And have you already had your first bleeding?" He continued. Annabel startled at that. It was inappropriate for men to ask this kind of questions. But after all it was inappropriate for her to be standing completely nude in front of a man. Annabel looked at the matron and the woman encouraged her to answer the question. "Yes sir, a few months ago."

A look of greed suddenly came into his face and he smirked. "Perfect. You're absolutely perfect. My sweet, how many admirers you'll have! I don't think I've ever seen anyone quite like you in all my business years."

"Quite like me how sir?" The man smiled at her but didn't answer her question.

"I'll take her Betsy. 5 guineas like we decided yes?" The matron looked at her with a mix of guilt and pity but then shook her head and nodded at him.

The man asked her to dress herself and go with him, without taking anything else with her. She wouldn't need it where she was going. Annabel frowned at that, even more confused but didn't protest.

Once she was dressed, they left the orphanage together towards a nice, even if a little old, carriage and went inside.

"So, what is your name?" The man asked her, still looking at her penetratingly.

"Anne Evans sir."

"Well, you'll be just Anne from now on. Where we're going you won't need a given name."

"But where are we going sir?" Annabel asked with false innocence, trying to hide her impatience and anxiety.

"Don't concern yourself over it Anne. You'll find out soon enough." Annabel nodded and stopped asking questions. Too soon the carriage was stopping in front of a building that seemed to have seen better days, in the shadiest part of London. She started to become scared at that. Where was she? Why was she there? Why the matron had allowed this man to take her away? Life at the orphanage wasn't certainly perfect but at least she had a roof over her head, clothes to wear and a meal a day. Some people weren't so fortunate. But now, she had no idea what this man wanted to do to her? What if he was a man sent by Dumbledore? What if he had somehow recognized her and was now ready to kill her?

Unfortunately the actual reality was much worse. As soon as they were inside, Annabel didn't even have the time to look around her before she was ordered to follow the man towards his chambers. At that point she realized exactly why she was there. She didn't know the exact technicalities of course, usually girls were kept in the dark about this kind of things until the day of their wedding, but she had a vague idea of what that man wanted with her.

Too soon, she reached his bedroom and the man looked at her with what she could now identified as lust before closing the door behind him. Annabel took a step away from him before taking a deep breath and thinking things through, trying to calm herself somewhat.

"This place? Is a brothel, is it?" Annabel asked with all the courage she could master.

"My, you're not as innocent as I thought you were, are you? How have you heard about these places?"

"The boys at the orphanage. They talk freely about these things." Anna replied with a shrug.

"Of course." He smiled at her with a sick smile before continuing. "I imagine you know why you're here then."

"Yes. You have to take me first. So I won't be inexperienced with the other customers." She said flatly. "You'll teach me how to please a man."

"My, what a smart girl you are. Yes, it's exactly what I'll do tonight. And I assure you, I'll find great pleasure in doing it. I've never met a girl like you before. So seductive without even trying. The customers will be very pleased with you. And with me, for finding you."

Annabel looked at him with a calculating look, still thinking things through in her head and speaking with him just to gain a little time. She was about to become a prostitute. There was no way around it. Not with the way things were. It was that or being killed if she didn't comply with this willingly. No matter her inexperience with this kind of things, she wasn't so naive to think she could just walk out of there freely. That meant that she needed to use this unfortunate situation to her advantage. A work - even if it was a work such as this one - meant money, money that at the moment she desperately needed. If she could play her cards right, she could gain enough money and meet enough wealthy men to gain access to circles that would otherwise be banned to her. Thing that could help her in her way towards revenge. Of course rationally, it completely made sense. Emotionally though, she was a wreck.

"Take your clothes off." The man ordered her, bringing her back to the present. She took a deep breath before smiling at him in a way she hope was enchanting. The man blinked at her, suddenly a little dazed and Annabel suppressed her smirk of satisfaction. Maybe the man really found her seductive, maybe with a little bit of practice she could learn to manipulate men to obtain what she wanted. "Will you not tell me your name first sir?" She asked in a low voice.

"William." Annabel smiled at him again before untying the knot that kept her dress together, very slowly. In a few seconds she was nude, again, in front of him. She took a few steps towards him, observing the way he couldn't stop looking at her body, his eyes moving quickly from her breasts to her most private place. But Annabel didn't want him to be interested only in her body, she couldn't allow to be used and discarded. She needed to keep his interest because he was the one who run things there.

"Tell me how can I please you sir." She said, to bring his attention back to her face.

"Come here." Annabel complied. William took her hands and brought them around his neck before bringing one of his hand under her bottom and lifting her to bring her to his bed. He positioned her lying over the mattresses, arms over her head, legs opened, completely exposed to him and Annabel let him. He looked at her from the foot of the bed, before getting undressed himself.

"Stay there. Not move from this position." He said while divesting himself from his clothes. As soon as he was nude too, he joined her in the bed, at her side. He started to caress her skin slowly before bringing two fingers inside her without warning. Annabel cried out a little at the sudden pain but didn't protest further. William started to move his fingers in and out slowly until the pain subsided and something else took its place. It wasn't exactly pleasure what she was feeling but at least she wasn't in pain anymore. William used his other hand to fondle one of her breast while his tongue took care of the other. Annabel knew that she wasn't supposed to stay immobile like this but she couldn't help it. She didn't know what she was supposed to do. Suddenly she remembered the image of a boy she had caught at the orphanage, his britches down and a hand between his legs, and she suddenly knew what to do. She moved one of her hand from over her head and brought it towards him, caressing his skin slowly. William looked at her surprised but didn't stop her. Her hand kept going down until she met his hard member and took it in hand. She started to move her hand up and down, at first slowly like a caress and looked at his face. He had closed his eyes and his breath was a little rugged but it wasn't enough. She needed to make him crazy with want. "Look at me!" She whispered, a breath from his face. William opened his eyes and stared at her, dazed. "Tell me what to do." William took in a breath before answering. "Faster. Move your hand faster. And your grip needs to be tighter." Annabel complied with requests, moving her hand faster and faster until long and loud moaning sounds were coming out of William's mouth. Suddenly he ordered her to stop. Annabel stopped but looked at him, afraid she had done something wrong.

"Don't worry my sweet. You were perfect. I just don't want this to end too soon." Annabel didn't know what he meant by that but nodded anyway. Suddenly he grabbed her by her thigh and lifted her right leg, bringing it around his midsection. In a sudden move he was inside her. Annabel screamed in pain, feeling almost like she was about to be tore in two. Slowly the pain receded and William started moving inside her. He was over her, moving inside and out slowly at first and then faster and faster. Annabel looked at the ceiling, still aching and hoping everything would end soon.

William spent all night teaching her how to please a man, using her body in ways she had never imagined possible. At the end of the night, he looked at her with a pleased smile and said "Every single man in this establishment will fall at your feet. You won't even need to do much, using your hand or your amazing mouth or just looking at them with your seductive eyes, will be enough for them to turn into your slaves. You're going to make me rich my dear."

Annabel looked at him with a smile and thought 'No,I'm going to become rich and then I'll finally get my revenge!'.