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24 February 2014 @ 08:21 pm
Lost in the Vampire Diaries - Chapter 2  
nuova scritta

Summary: A beautiful, blonde cheerleader who's also a big TVD fan wakes up one day in the Vampire Diaries' world. Strangest thing of all? She has replaced her favorite female character, Caroline Forbes. Inspired by 'Lost in Austen'. Begins in the very first episode of Season1.

Pairings: Damon/Claire(slow-moving. It'll start with friendship). Stefan/Elena. Matt/Claire(temporarily - pretty much like what happened in the show between Matt and Caroline). Slight Damon/Elena. NOT Tyler/Claire or Klaus/Claire though.

Chapter 2


"Allies with our backs against the wall
I will answer when you call
And take on the odds
For what we believe is true
Allies in a world of too much choice
I only need your voice
To tell me you care
I'll be anywhere for you, allies"

(Allies by Heart)

Claire looked at the alarm clock on her nightstand and sighed. Six a.m. How many hours had she slept last night? Two, three? She felt like crap.

It was already the third day in Mystic Falls for her and there was no sign of her going back to her real life any time soon. And the worst thing was? She didn't miss her old life as much as she thought she would. And that thought really scared her. Because except for her parents - who had never really being very present in her life anyway - she didn't miss much of her old life. On the contrary there were a lot of positive things about her life there. She had great best friends, her social life at school was practically the same one as the one she used to have at home. And then of course there was Damon. Not that she had any real contact with him except for their staring contest last night. But then of course she had to ruin everything by opening her big mouth. And speaking of Damon, what the hell was she going to tell him to explain how she knew him? She thought about telling him the truth but something inside her knew that that was a terrible idea. She needed to come up with an excuse and fast. Or she could just write her own epitaph since she knew exactly the kind of reaction Damon would have about her knowing about him being a vampire. He would kill her without blinking, she had no doubt about that. So she needed to be smart. She needed to convince him that she had no intention of telling anyone about him and let him believe that she could be useful to him. That was the only way if she wanted to stay alive. Unfortunately she could have been useful to him if only she could remember what actually happened on the show. But unfortunately whatever send her there didn't want her to remember, probably so that she couldn't change things that were supposed to happen. She could remember some things vaguely, others pretty well and others, not at all. She knew that she was missing a lot of the memories she had of the episodes. For example she knew that Damon was looking for Katherine - the vampire who looked like Elena and that turned Damon and Stefan in vampires in 1864 - and she knew that Damon believed that Katherine was locked inside a tomb, thanks to a spell created by Emily Bennett, Bonnie's ancestor. She also knew that Damon would be able to open this tomb in the near future but she didn't remember how he would be able to do that and if Katherine was actually inside or not. She remembered something about a crystal, a crystal that belong to Emily Bennett. And her grimoire too. It was really frustrating. Of course, the right question would be in what way she could be useful to Damon. Well, she could help him entered the Lockwood Mansion to retrieve the crystal like what Damon did in the show. The problem was that she didn't remember what had happened after. Had Damon been able to open the tomb with the crystal and if yes, what was the use of the grimoire? No matter how many times she thought about it or how much she concentrated on remember the details, she wasn't able to. Most of it was a confused blur.

Then she had an idea. Damon would surely ask her why she could remember and/or know some things and not others so the only way to explain it would be if she had seen them in dreams. Dreams about things that had already happened and things that hadn't happened yet. It was perfect.

She got up with an accomplished smile on her face, satisfied that she had found the perfect solution. She got ready quickly and in no time at all she found herself inside Tanner's history class, enduring another boring lecture. This time it was about some kind of Comet that would have to pass over Mystic Falls the next day. She had the impression that the Comet was important somehow and she took a few minutes to realize why. The Comet had passed over Mystic Falls in 1864 and that was the way Emily had bound the spell on the tomb. It was the reason why Damon had to wait 150 years to have Katherine back.

She noticed Stefan and Elena looking at each other out of the corner of her eye. She still wondered what Elena found in Stefan that was so amazing but she shrugged, it was none of her business.

Suddenly their exchange of looks were interrupted by Tanner himself, who had obviously noticed them not paying attention to the lesson.

"Are we bothering you, Mr. Salvatore? Ms. Gilbert?"

A second later the bell rang, signaling that the history lesson was over for the day.

Claire reached Bonnie's side and together they made their way out of the class.

"So, tell me again. Are you psychic or clairvoyant?" She asked Bonnie out of curiosity.

"Technically, Grams says I'm a witch. My ancestors were these really cool Salem witch chicks or something. Grams tried to explain it all, but she was looped on the liquor so I kinda tuned out. Crazy family, yes. Witches? I don't think so." Bonnie answered with a slight grimace.

"Why not? It could be. And anyway a lot of people would like to be in your situation. Being a witch would be really cool."

"Yeah, well, I'm not one of those people. Why, would you like to be a witch?" Bonnie asked her with a smile.

Claire smiled at her in return. "I don't know. I think it would be kind of amazing, having powers that the majority of people don't have."

While talking they had reached the courtyard outside. Claire noticed Matt sitting alone at one of the tables and decided that now was a good time to talk to him.

"Hey Bonnie, do you mind if I leave you for a few minutes? I want to talk to Matt."

"Sure. Just, try to be more tactful this time okay? His sister has just been attacked by some wild animal..."

"Ouch. You wound me Bonnie. Do you mean to say I'm insensible?" Claire asked her with a pout and a hand to her chest. Bonnie rolled her eyes at her and Claire smirked in return.

Claire took a deep breath before joining Matt at the table. "Hey Matt." She said hesitantly.

"Claire." Matt answered but his tone was cold.

"Listen, I wanted to apologize for what I said yesterday..." She stopped for a second and then amended "Actually no, I'm not sorry about what I said. I meant what I said, I'm just sorry for the way I said it. I should have been more sensible. But tactfulness is not exactly one of my best qualities."

Matt shook his head at her but he had a slight smile on his face. "Yeah. It's not. But you were right. Elena doesn't have the courage to say it but it's obvious that it's really over between us. She really seems into this Stefan guy. But it still hurts you know?"

"I know. But, if it makes you feel any better, you're so much better than him. I don't really know what Elena sees in him. He's so broody and secretive." Claire said honestly.

Matt smiled for real this time.

"Matt...uhm...so, how is Vicky?" Claire asked hesitantly.

"They're keeping her overnight to make sure there's no infection, but she should be able to come home tomorrow."

"That's great. This means she's recovering well."

"Yeah, it seems so."
"And your mom? When is she coming home?"

"Called and left a message. She's in Virginia Beach with her boyfriend, so. . .we'll see how long it takes her to come rushing home."

"Oh. Well, I'm sure she'll be here as soon as she can."

"Yeah." Matt answered but he didn't seem convinced. "I still can't believe she's been attacked like that. And now there's even talk of some missing campers."

"Yeah. It's strange, isn't it?" Claire asked rhetorically. She suddenly felt guilty because she knew exactly what kind of 'animal' had attacked Vicky but she couldn't say anything. "Did she say what kind of animal it was that attacked her?" She asked suddenly.

"She said it was a vampire." Matt replied while shaking his head in disbelief.

"Really?" Claire felt like a stone had suddenly taken residence in her stomach.
"Yeah, she woke up last night and muttered 'vampire' and then passed out."

"Well, that's weird." Was all Claire said in answer, hoping her voice wasn't really as high-pitched as it sounded in her hears.
"I think she was drunk."

"Yeah, that must be it." Suddenly the both of them noticed Stefan and Elena talking not far from where they were sitting. Matt grimaced and looked away.

"Listen, I gotta go now. I have to go back to the hospital. I want to be there when Vicki wakes up, get the real story about last night." Matt exclaimed while getting up.

"Yes, of course." Claire smiled at him and Matt smiled back. The conversation had been everything but light but Claire felt like she was floating on water. And were there butterflies in her stomach? She shook her head, telling to herself that she was being silly. She was just relieved that Matt wasn't angry with her.
The rest of the day passed at a snail's pace. After school Claire found herself sitting at a table outside the Grill with Elena and Bonnie. Bonnie was recounting what her grandmother had said to her about the Comet. "I was talking to Grams yesterday, and she said the comet is a sign of impending doom. The last time it passed over Mystic Falls, there was lots of death. So much blood and carnage, it created a bed of paranormal activity."

"Well, I don't think it's fair blaming the comet for what happened 150 years ago. That poor comet was just minding its own business when it passed over Mystic Falls last time." Claire said with a serious face but her eyes were sparkling with humor. Elena laughed at that while Bonnie rolled her eyes.

"Come on Claire. Can you be serious for just a second?" Bonnie said with fake exasperation. It was obvious she was amused though.

"Well, what do you want me to say? That we should lock ourselves at home because bad things are about to happen?" Claire said while shrugging her shoulders. "Let's talk about happier things instead. So Elena, you and Stefan, last night...what happened?"

"Nothing happened." Elena said with a shrug on her own.

"Nothing? You and Stefan were alone, in your house and nothing happened? You just talked all night long?"

Claire asked with skepticism.

"Yes." Elena said with a serious nod.

"You didn't even kiss?"

"Nope. We didn't go there."

"But why?" Claire asked bewildered. "Is he shy?" Then after a second, just to see Elena's reaction. "Is not gay, is he?"

Elena rolled her eyes too. "No, Claire, he's not gay. We're just going slow."

"Okay, fine. I will not insist. Just don't go too slow or stop altogether because you're scared okay? You like him, he likes you. Do not let anything or anyone stop you from trying." Elena smiled at her then she suddenly got up. "Where are you going?" Bonnie asked her curiously.

"Claire's right. It is easy. If I sit here long enough, I'll end up talking myself out of it instead of doing what I started the day saying that I was going to do."

Claire got up too. "I'll drive you." When she noticed Elena about to protest, Claire added. "Don't worry, I'll make myself scarce as soon as Stefan shows up."

Maybe she was being suicidal but she couldn't pass up the opportunity of seeing Damon up close.

The drive to the Salvatore Boarding House was brief and spent mostly in silent. Elena looked a little nervous but determined. As soon as they had parked the car in front of it Claire asked her. "Are you ready?" Elena nodded at her.

"I think so."

"Go get him tiger!" Claire joked just to relieve the tension. Elena laughed and widened her shoulders. "Right." She crossed the porch in front of the house, Claire following behind her, and she went to knock when the door opened as soon as Elena grazed her hand against it.

"Stefan?" Elena called out loud. "Stefan?" Claire kept silent, her heart beating a mile a minute inside her chest, impatient like herself. Suddenly a crow flew from inside the house directed against her heads. Claire and Elena moved to dodge and in the next moment Elena almost collided against Damon's chest. Claire withheld his breath, looking at him in awe. He was even more beautiful up close. Maybe Damon wouldn't have liked to be called beautiful but every other adjective didn't seem enough to describe him.

"I. . .I'm sorry for barging in. The door was. . .open." Elena stuttered, surprised.

"Yes, sorry." Claire added. "We didn't mean to invade your house. We were looking for Stefan. Actually, Elena was looking for Stefan. I'm just the driver." Claire rambled slightly.

Damon turned towards her for the first time and stared, obviously studying her. His expression became suspicious for a second but then he smiled charmingly at her. "No harm done." Turning towards Elena he said "You must be Elena. I'm Damon, Stefan's brother."

"He didn't tell me he had a brother." Elena seemed obviously upset at that.

"Well, Stefan's not one to brag." Damon replied. Then he turned his attention towards Claire. "I didn't catch your name."

"It's because I didn't tell you." Claire answered the imply question with a smirk. Damon looked amused at that. "It's Claire. Claire Forbes."

He was immediately suspicious again but then he cleared his expression. "Forbes uhm? You're part of a founding family."

"Yep. Like Elena. Like you and Stefan." Claire said, slightly defensive.

"True." He nodded, slightly appeased. "Please, come." He continued then "I'm sure Stefan will be along any second." Damon indicated with an hand towards the inside of the house. Claire and Elena followed him.

"Wow. This is your living room?" Elena asked awed.
"I bet it would make for a perfect football field." Claire added with a slight smirk.

"Claire..." Elena reprimanded her, embarrassment coloring her voice. Claire shrugged her shoulders, not the least bit repentant. "What? It was meant to be a compliment."

"She's right." Damon intervened. "It's a little kitschy for my taste." Soon after he shifted her focus towards Elena. "I see why my brother's so smitten. It's about time. For a while there, I never thought he'd get over the last one. Nearly destroyed him." Damon's tone was serious but his eyes were smirking.

"The last one?" Elena asked, a barely noticeable tremble in her voice.
"Yeah. Katherine, his girlfriend?" Damon answered like Elena was supposed to know what he was talking about. Then he made a show of realizing that Elena did in fact not know who Katherine was. "Oh, you two haven't had the awkward exes conversation yet." He said, pretending to be sorry and understanding at the same time.

Damon had very sneakily excluded Claire for the conversation but she was not offended. This was just Damon playing with Elena and at the same time trying to create a rift between her and Stefan.
"Nope." Elena had looked at her a second before answering. She seemed lost.

"Oops. Well, I'm sure it'll come up now. Or maybe he didn't want to tell you because he didn't want you to think he was on the rebound." Damon continued with a smirk.

"Or maybe he didn't tell her because they met like...two day ago" Claire intervened.

"Oh, I hope for Elena's sake that you're right Claire. Because otherwise, we all know how those kind of relationships end."

"You say it like every relationship is doomed to end." Elena said then.

Damon smirked at her. "I'm a fatalist. Hello, Stefan." Elena and Claire turned around at his last words. Stefan had arrived without neither of them noticing.

"Elena. I didn't know you were coming over." Stefan said to Elena.

"You're making it a habit of pretending like I'm not here Stefan. I would feel offended but...I'm not here to see you so..."

"I'm sorry Claire." Stefan said, almost robotically, but his gaze hadn't moved from Damon since the moment he had come inside the house.

Elena intervened in the conversation then "Stefan, I'm sorry if I have arrived without warning you. I know I should have called, I just..."
"Oh, don't be silly. You're welcome any time. Isn't she, Stefan? You know, I should break out the family photo albums or some home movies. But. . .I have to warn you. He wasn't always such a looker." Damon said to Elena, obviously just to irritate Stefan.
"Thank you for stopping by, Elena, Claire. It was nice to see you." Stefan said like Damon hadn't talked. He was still staring fixedly at his older brother.
"Yeah, we should probably go." Elena said, her tone discomfited. "It was nice to meet you, Damon." She added then.

"Great meeting you, too, Elena." Damon took Elena's hand in hers and kissed her but his eyes were turned towards his brother and he was smirking.

"Claire." Damon added then, before doing the same thing to her hand. When Damon's lips touched her skin, Claire shivered and Damon obviously noticed that because he winked. Claire made a show of rolling her eyes at him but it was obvious to both of them that she was affected by him.

Elena tried to bypass Stefan to reach the door but Stefan didn't move. "Stefan!" Elena called but Stefan seemed not to hear her. "Stefan!" Elena called a second time and finally Stefan moved to let them pass. Elena shook her head, obviously bewildered by his behavior but didn't say anything. Claire looked one last time towards Damon before joining Elena and the two of them left the Boarding House together.

"I can't believe Stefan never told me he had a brother!" Elena ranted as soon as they had got into the car.

"Maybe he wanted to tell you but he was trying to find the right moment... I mean, we both saw that those two have serious problems..." 'Problems' were an understatement but Claire didn't want Elena to realize that she knew more that she was saying.

"Yeah, what was the deal with that? Stefan barely looked at me. He was obviously irritated that I went to the Boarding House... And what about that girl Damon mentioned, Katherine? Why Stefan did not tell me about her?"

"Elena, you met two days ago...calm down. You can't expect for him to tell you all his life history the first day you two met."

"Yeah, maybe. I don't know...I just..." Elena started but then stopped, obviously at a loss for words.

"Please try not overdramatize what happened today okay? And let him talk to you, let him explain...don't shut him out okay? I'm sure he has a good explanation for all of this..." Claire cringed at her own words, almost feeling like she was lying to her. But she didn't really know what to say. Part of her really wanted to tell her to run away as fast as she could from Stefan but she couldn't because it was Elena's choice and she didn't want to interfere. Although maybe encourage her to be with him wasn't the best choice either. She was really confused about what the best choice was in this case.

The drive was short and soon Claire was stopping the car in front of Elena's house. They waved each other good bye, promising to see each other the next morning - it was a Saturday - to handing out pamphlets for the arrive of the comet.

She arrived home and found it empty. Claire settled something for dinner just for herself and sat in the sofa to watch a little TV before starting her homework and then go to bed. She knew it was pretty useless to wait for Liz, she would have stayed at work till late, like usual. Claire was there already three days and she had spent a total of an hour with Liz Forbes. It was a little sad.

The next morning found Claire and her two best friends in the town square, handing out fliers. Elena had spent yesterday evening rethinking about what had happened with Stefan and what she was supposed to do now. Claire had already told her what she thought about that and she didn't have any intention to meddle any further.

"He didn't call, huh?" Bonnie asked Elena in that moment.
Elena shook her head, no at that. "Or text. But I realized we never even exchanged that stuff. We've never gotten to the texting part."
"That's an important milestone in any relationship." Bonnie agreed.
"Isn't it? The timing is wrong, anyway." Claire rolled her eyes at that and Bonnie wasn't any better.
"When is it ever right?" Bonnie exclaimed.

"Bonnie's right. Waiting for the perfect time would mean growing old waiting..." Claire added, because she really couldn't help herself.

"I'm not ready guys." Elena defended herself with a dejected look.
"Who is?" Bonnie asked rhetorically in turn.
"At least I put myself out there." Elena continued. Claire and Bonnie exchanged a look skeptically.
"Is that what you're calling it?"

"Yeah, I call it fear. You're terrified." Claire added.
"What do you mean?" Elena asked, now defensive.
Bonnie shrugged at that. "All I'm hearing is reasons why you can't."

"Exactly." Claire finished. The three of them dispersed a moment later, passing out pamphlets to the people walking through.

It was in that moment that Claire noticed him. Damon, standing on the other side of the road, on the opposite direction from where she was standing. They stared at each other for a few seconds until some people passed in front of her, covering his figure from her view. When her visual was free once again, she looked where he was standing a second ago but he was gone.

Soon the evening of the comet was upon them. Claire was distributing candles around to all the people gathered there.

"Here, I got some candles." She said to Elena, passing one candle to her and then moving on.

After a few minutes she came face to face with Matt and she smiled at him, suddenly flattered.

"Hey." She said to him shyly.

Matt smiled at her in return. "Here." He said, bringing his lightened candle closer to hers.


"So, you've been busy uhm? Organizing all this?" Matt asked her with a smile.

"Elena and Bonnie helped." Claire answered with a shrug.

"Yes, of course. But we both know that you're the one who always organize and take care of those kind of things. I never really thought about it but you must be very busy. And you always have the highest scores possible at school..."

"What? You thought the only things I care about are shopping and gossip? You must think me very shallow..." Claire joked but she was a little hurt.

Matt winced at that. "I'm sorry, I just...we've known each other since we were little and yet I know so very little about you. Maybe I just didn't take the time to know you..."

"Yeah, well. We both know all of your attention has always been taken by Elena." She winked at him and Matt smiled in embarrassment.

"Hey, can you take a break? We could go at the Grill and drink something..." Matt asked her hesitantly.

"Sure." They entered inside but they immediately noticed that something wasn't right. Tyler Lockwood and Jeremy Gilbert were arguing. Jeremy was asking around about Vicky, probably worried about her since she had just gone back from the hospital and she was supposed to be working at the Grill that night but she wasn't there.

"Hey, has anyone seen Vicki?" Jeremy asked them as soon as they were inside.
Tyler was just behind him. "You're her stalker. You tell us." He was derisively.
Jeremy ignored him. "I can't find her."
Tyler rolled his eyes. "She probably found somebody else to party with. Sorry, pill pusher, I guess you've been replaced." He mocked him.
"What's with the pill pusher?" Elena, who had just joined the scene with Bonnie, asked.
Tyler turned towards her. "Ask him."
Jeremy huffed, exasperatedly. "You wanna do this right now?"
"Are you dealing?" Elena pried, obviously not about to be deterred.
Tyler turned his attention towards Jeremy. "She's never gonna go for you."

"She already did. Over and over and over again." Jeremy answered smugly.

Claire followed the scene in front of her like it was a match of ping pong. Matt was rigid besides her, obviously not liking the way his best friend was talking about his sister.
"Yeah, right." Was Tyler's only response. He didn't want to believe Jeremy but it was obvious that a part of him did.
"Wait, you slept with Vicky? Vicky, as in Matt's sister, your sister's ex-boyfriend's sister...weird..." Claire exclaimed because she just couldn't help herself. Then she winced because she didn't mean to sound rude. "Sorry..." She said to both Jeremy and Matt.
"There's no way." Tyler said, shaking his head.
"And I didn't even have to force her into it." Jeremy exclaimed, shocking Matt.
Matt tuned his furious glare towards his best friend. "What the hell is he talking about, Ty?"
"Nothing, man, just ignore him, he's a punk." Tyler defended himself but he looked guilty.
"You know what, how about all of you shut up and help me find my sister?" Matt asked in the end.
"Yeah, you're right. Bonnie, you're with me?" Claire said, turning towards Bonnie.

"Yeah." Bonnie agreed. Then she added towards Matt. "We'll check the back."
Matt nodded. "I'll check the square."
A moment later they were walking around but there was no trace of Vicky. Claire had again the sensation that she was forgetting something. It was a feeling she was experiencing too often lately.

An hour later Matt warned her that Vicky had been found wandering around by herself and that she had been found by Stefan. It was in that moment that Claire remembered what had by now already happened. The confrontation between Stefan and Damon on the roof.

They decided to go back inside and order something to drink. Claire rethought about Matt's offer for drinks with a little regret, since they hadn't even been able to sit at a table, let alone found the time to order something.

"Do you think Vicky's okay?" Claire asked Bonnie, once the two of them had sat at one of the tables near the entrance. "Matt looked so worried."

"I think so." Bonnie answered with a shrug.

"Don't you think it's a little weird? Jeremy and Vicky? Not that Tyler would ever win the award for the best boyfriend on the planet. He's such a jerk and he treats her like crap. And the worst thing is... she lets him.." Claire rambled on, just to fill the silence.

"Yeah." Was Bonnie's concise answer.

"Excuse me. Hi." Stefan, who had just reached their table, interrupted.
"Hi." Bonnie and Claire greeted him together.
"Um, have you guys seen Elena?" he asked them hesitantly.
"I think she went home." Bonnie answered, then continued, her tone a little excited. "I'm gonna give you Elena's cell number and her email. She is big on texting, and you can tell her... 'I said so'."
"Thank you." Stefan smiled at her. Bonnie wrote Elena's number and email on a napkin and then she passed it to Stefan. When their hands touched, something weird happened. Bonnie's look became blank. A moment later she got up without explanation, a scared look on her face.
"You ok?" Stefan asked her.

"Bonnie?" Claire asked in turn.
"What happened to you?" Bonnie asked Stefan. Then she continued a second later. "That's so rude. I'm sorry. Excuse me." She left the Grill without any explanation.

Stefan looked at Claire for an explanation but she didn't know what she was supposed to tell him. Explaining to him that Bonnie had a vision about him would bring attention to the fact that Claire knew things she wasn't supposed to know.
"Yeah, she kind of wigs out." She answered lamely. "It's like her thing." She shrugged.

Stefan left a few minutes later and Claire, left alone, decided that it was time for her to go home.

While walking through the parking lot to reach her car, she heard a noise. She stopped, suddenly worried, especially because she just knew that she was forgetting something - again - something important. She shook her head and continued walking. When she had almost reached her car, she heard it again. She stopped, the car keys she had in hand falling to the floor. She kneeled to collect them but once she was standing again, she realized that she was not alone anymore. Damon was standing in front of her, leaning against her car.

"Damon." She whispered, startled and now a little scared.
"Sorry. Didn't mean to scare you." Damon exclaimed with a smirk, coming closer to her.
"Yes, you did." Claire replied, her voice strong but her heart beating a mile a minute.
"Yeah, maybe I did." They looked at each other for a few seconds, sizing each other up but then Damon broke the silence again. "You own me some explanations, don't you think?"

"I don't know what you mean." Claire said in return, pretending she didn't know what he was talking about.

"Oh, I think you do. For example two days ago, you were sitting at the Grill and you noticed me looking at you. You recognized me, in fact you said my name. And yet we never met before yesterday."

Claire kept silent and Damon rolled his eyes at her. "How did you know who I was? But most of all, what else do you know?"

Claire sighed. "Enough." She said at last.

"Enough?" Damon glared at her. Claire winced slightly but decided that was now or never.

"I'll tell you everything. But you have to promise not to kill me. Or hurt me in anyway."

"Ah, so maybe, you do know enough." Damon stared at her a few seconds, probably debating if it was better for him to kill her now or waiting until he had satisfied his curiosity. Then, having come to a decision, he sighed. "Fine. I won't kill you or hurt you in any way until you tell me what you know."

Claire rolled her eyes at that. "I see a loophole there as big as a house but fine. I can't expect anything better, at least for now." Damon smirked at that but didn't comment. She kept silent for a few seconds, trying to order the ideas inside her head, knowing that she needed to lie flawlessly because it was necessary for her to survive. Then finally, she started speaking. "Please, don't interrupt me 'till I'm done." She warned him. Damon nodded at her, giving her the go ahead. "I know that you and Stefan are vampires. I know that the two of you were turned by a vampire named Katherine Pierce in 1864. Actually it's not exactly like that. You two were in love with her and when the town council found out about her and about the other vampires in Mystic Falls, they captured them, Katherine included. And when you two tried to save her, your father shot you. You would have died that night but since the both of you had Katherine's blood in your system, you woke up in transition. Stefan completed his transition by feeding on your father. " Claire grimaced at that and Damon smirked, amused. He looked astonished but he was able to hide it well. "You didn't want to turn because the only reason you wanted to be a vampire was because you wanted to spend eternity with Katherine but since you were convinced Katherine was dead, you had no reason to become a vampire anymore. But Stefan forced you to turn and you hate him ever since. Once you completed the transition, Emily Bennett - Katherine's servant and a powerful witch - told you that Katherine wasn't dead after all. Emily was able to save her and all the other vampires thanks to a spell. She enclosed them all inside a tomb and bound the spell to a comet. The same comet that has passed over the town tonight. You came back to Mystic Falls because you want to free her. You're here only because you want Katherine back. And maybe to torment Stefan since you promised him an eternity of misery. And the reason why I know all of this is because I have visions. In my dreams." Claire finished in a deep breath.

"You have visions?" Damon asked her skeptically.

"Yes, visions. You are a vampire. You met witches and you're skeptical because I have visions?"

Damon nodded at that. "Point taken. So, you have visions about the past, my past?"

"Yes, and Stefan's. I just saw a few things. They started the day before you and Stefan arrived to Mystic Falls. I have visions about the future too. But they are very vague." Claire explained, lying through her teeth. Damon seemed to buy it though.

"Uhm, and what did you see?" He asked her curiously.

"I know you'll be able to open the tomb somehow. I don't know anything else though. Not yet, at least. But I could be useful to you." Claire tried then.

"Useful how?"

"Well, for example I know that the crystal you need to open the tomb is inside the Lockwood mansion. And you need an invite to enter. There's a founding party in a couple of weeks... You could be my date. You will be able to enter then..."

"Uhm... that's really tempting but you really know too much. How do I know you won't tell everyone what I am? Your mother, first of all." Damon asked her with a dark look. He wasn't attacking her though so Claire considered it a win.

"Because I didn't yet. I had all the time in the world to tell my mother about you but I didn't. After all my mom is the sheriff and she's part of the council... And, not to threaten you or anything but I think the disappearance and/or killing of the sheriff's daughter would bring a lot of attentions to the new comers, don't you think?" Claire asked, surprising herself with the ease she could talk about her possible murder.

"Yes, I guess you're right. And I have to admit that you didn't tell anything to anyone about me. I can't help but wonder why though. You obviously know that I am the one who is responsible for those 'animal attacks'"

"Yes, I know. But I didn't tell anyone because..." She hesitated a little before continuing. "Well, Stefan is a vampire too and I don't want him to get hurt. Elena is in love with him and she would suffer if something'd happen to him."

"Uhm. Yes, it make sense, I guess. You're a very loyal friend. You don't like Stefan but you aren't interfering because you know Elena likes him." At Claire's surprised look, Damon smirked.

"I observed you, these couple of days." Damon admitted with a shrug.

"Oh. Well, then. Are you going to kill me?" Claire asked him then, to break the awkward silence.

"No, I don't think I will. Like you said, you could be useful to me. And I have to say, I admire your courage. There aren't a lot of people willing to negotiate with a vampire." He really seemed impressed.

"Well, thanks, I guess." They stood like that for a long moment, looking at each other, then Claire - tired of the silence - said "Well, I better go now. My mom would be wondering where I am...Unless you need me for something..."

"No, it's fine. I'll contact you if I do." Damon said before adding. "I like this alliance we have going on. A beautiful girl ready for me at my every whim..." he did that thing with his eyes, looking at her suggestively.

Claire rolled her eyes at him but she was smiling.

"All right." Damon was about to disappear when Claire called him back. "Damon, wait!" Damon stopped and turned towards her.

"What?" He asked her, maybe a little irritated.

"Could you please refrain to attack the people I care about? Please?"

"I can't promise you anything. But I'll try." Damon replied with a smirk thrown her way.

"Fine." Claire rolled her eyes at him. "See you around then Damon."

"Yeah, see you around, Claire." He was there a moment and the next he was simply gone. Claire sighed in relief that everything had - more or less - gone according to plan, then retrieved her car keys, opened the car and drove towards home. She would think about the consequences of her actions tomorrow, now she only wanted to go to sleep.