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26 April 2014 @ 07:21 pm
the courtesan image2


British Wizarding World - 15th Century

1485- When the prominent Potter family refused to support The Duke Albus Dumbledore in his campaign to become Head of the Wizegamot,he retaliated by having them killed. The only survivor of the massacre is five-year-old Annabel Potter, thanks to the actions of Anna's mother's - Lily Potter - closest friend Severus Snape, a famous Potions Master.

Now,10 years later Annabel- better known as Anne Evans - is working as a high-class prostitute, willingly, while Albus Dumbledore has become the most powerful and influential men in the (British) Wizarding World with even the King - Cornelius I (Fudge) - as a puppet in his hands. She has only one thing in mind - revenge - and she's prepared to do everything to see her plans come to fruition.

However, the Baron Sirius Black's unexpected appearance as one of her customers allows her to carry out her plans much more quickly than even herself was expecting. FemHarry, Dark!Harry, Manipulative!Harry, Seductress!FemHarry, Prostitute!FemHarry, Chan(FemHarry is 12 when she has her first sexual experience).

FemHarry/Tom Riddle as the major pairing with FemHarry/Sirius, FemHarry/Draco, FemHarry/Lucius and in general FemHarry/Multi - she was/is a prostitute after all -.

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26 February 2014 @ 09:49 pm

In My Veins Cover2 occhi verdi rosa3

In My Veins

Summary: Victoria Donovan is Matt's twin sister. She drinks, does drugs and she's basically a screw-up. Everything changes though when Damon Salvatore turns her into a vampire. Damon/OC. Vicki Donovan replaced by Tory/Victoria Donovan. Victoria Donovan portrayed by Amanda Seyfried. Story starts from the Pilot episode.

Pairings: Damon/OC. A little Tyler/OC. NOT Jeremy/OC - they are best friends though basically -. The other couples are canon-like. Slight Damon/Elena and Damon/Katherine.

So basically this is a story where the character of Vicki Donovan is replaced by an OC character created by me. I decided to maintain the name Victoria but she will be nicknamed Tory not Vicki. I imagine my OC as Amanda Seyfried. I always thought Vicki's story had real potential but her character was so pathetic - I'm sorry that's just my opinion - until the very end. So I decided to take her as an example and create an OC character that replaces her.

Victoria/Tory in this story is Matt's twin sister, so they are the same age. At the beginning of the story, like Vicki in the TV show, she still does drugs and she drinks and she's still with Tyler - but she's only friend with Jeremy - but she's a pretty strong character, unlike the real Vicki. She's just a little lost.

The story will begin in the pilot episode - from the next chapter, the real 1st chapter - and it will still follow the TV show story - except for when Tory is concerned of course -.

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24 February 2014 @ 08:21 pm
nuova scritta

Summary: A beautiful, blonde cheerleader who's also a big TVD fan wakes up one day in the Vampire Diaries' world. Strangest thing of all? She has replaced her favorite female character, Caroline Forbes. Inspired by 'Lost in Austen'. Begins in the very first episode of Season1.

Pairings: Damon/Claire(slow-moving. It'll start with friendship). Stefan/Elena. Matt/Claire(temporarily - pretty much like what happened in the show between Matt and Caroline). Slight Damon/Elena. NOT Tyler/Claire or Klaus/Claire though.
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20 February 2014 @ 11:44 am
Amanda Gilbert scritte
Summary: "Fawkes has granted me a second chance and I won't waste it being trapped in my past nightmares. Just like a phoenix, I am reborn from the ashes of my old life and from now on, I have to forget who I used to be and really become Amanda Gilbert." Slight cross-over with HP.

Pairing: Damon/FemHarry(She's more an OC though).
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20 February 2014 @ 11:40 am
Amanda Gilbert scritte

Summary: "Fawkes has granted me a second chance and I won't waste it being trapped in my past nightmares. Just like a phoenix, I am reborn from the ashes of my old life and from now on, I have to forget who I used to be and really become Amanda Gilbert." Slight cross-over with HP.

Pairing: Damon/FemHarry(She's more an OC though).

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23 January 2014 @ 03:12 pm
collage after sunset3
Summary: Cassie Swan - Bella's cousin - has just lost her parents when she's forced to move away from Denver and go live with her uncle Charlie in Forks. There she meets Edward Cullen, the seemingly perfect boy who hides a big secret. She can't help but fall in love with him, even if their love seems to be doomed from the start.

Pairing: Edward/OC
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18 January 2014 @ 10:11 am

The Lying Game image2

The Lying Game

Summary: When Payson wakes up about two weeks before school starts, in a hospital, with some bruises and first degree burns on her arms and legs, she has no idea what happened to her. Actually, she doesn't remember a thing, period. Everything is tabula rasa.

Her parents tell her that she has been found unconscious outside a burning cabin on the outskirts of town. With her, there was also another person, probably of her same age, whose body was found inside the cabin completely charred. The police hasn't been able to identify her.

After two weeks her life seems almost back to normal. She starts school and even if she still hasn't regained her memories of the life she had before the 'accident', her family and her three best friends are there for her and everything seems great.

But when Payson slowly starts to remember things of a life that has nothing in common with the one she's actually living, her first barely there suspicions become certainties. The life she's living belongs to someone else, someone who was obviously identical to her, someone who is now dead. When she also starts to receive strange messages and she finds out that a lot of people have several reasons to hate her, Payson realizes that what was labeled as an accident is in reality anything but and that the person whose body was found and that she later finds out is in fact her twin sister, has actually been killed and that she may be next.

This is the description of the story: When Payson regains her lost memories, after having been found unconscious outside a burning cabin, and with these memories not matching what she's been told about her life, she realizes that she's living her long lost twin sister's life. Trying to find the one responsible for her death is difficult, especially if even the people closest to her have reasons to hate her.

Characters: Payson Keeler, Kim Keeler, Mark Keeler, Becca Keeler, Kaylie Cruz, Lauren Tanner, Emily Kmetko, Sasha Belov, Kelly Parker, Damon Young, Austin Tucker, Razor, Leo Cruz, Steve Tanner, Chloe Kmetko, Alex and Ronnie Cruz, Max Spencer, Rigo, Marty Walsh, Ellen Beals. Pretty much everyone.

Pairings: Payson/Sasha (as usual), Emily/Damon, Austin/Kaylie, Lauren/Razor, Kelly/Leo.

Genres: Mystery/Romance

I guess from the title you can imagine that this story is inspired by 'The Lying Game series' but the plot for this story won't really follow the books even if various things will be taken from it.

It won't follow the 'Make It or Break It' seasons either, it will be AU. Payson and the other girls will be simply high school students, not elite gymnasts. Payson will be a swimmer though - Payson without a sport and her competitiveness and determination to win wouldn't be Payson -. And Sasha will be - guess what? - her swimming coach and her English teacher.

There will also be some elements taken from 'Pretty Little Liars'(the TV Show, not the books), the anonymous messages first of all, but it won't follow its plot either.

P.S. Payson - as well as the other girls: Kaylie, Lauren, Emily and Kelly - will be 18 in the story so she will be a senior. Becca - Payson's sister - will be 16 and a sophomore in high school.

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collage8con scritte

Summary: Kate Bennet is a normal 20 years old English Lit. student at the University of Hertfordshire until she wakes up one day suddenly ten years younger and in 1801. She has not simply ended up 200 years in the past though, she has become one of the characters of 'Pride and Prejudice', 10 years before the story begins. How her presence will be able to change the story as we all know it? Darcy/OC.

This is my new story. A P&P Regency one. I wanted to write for some time a 'Pride and Prejudice' story and I first thought about writing an Elizabeth/Darcy one, but there are so many of them and surely much better written than what I could have ever been able to do, so I thought why not write about an OC? - it seems to be my specialty since most of my stories are about OC characters -, an OC that comes from the present-time? So here I am.

Like I said, the story will not be Darcy/Elizabeth, but it also is kind of a Kitty/Darcy story since my OC will kind of replace Kitty Bennet(I thought about replacing Elizabeth but where's the fun in that?). In fact my OC will be called Katherine Bennet. Since I think though that Kitty is a little too young for Mr Darcy, my OC will be the third Bennet sister - instead of Mary - and she'll be 20 years old while Lizzie will be 21 and Jane 22. Mary will therefore be the fourth Bennet sister and she will be 18 years old with Lydia still as the youngest at 15. I hope you like it. I know that this is really short but it's just the Prologue, to better introduce the story. The other characters will be much, much longer.

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27 December 2013 @ 06:10 pm
Make It or MaKe It Up COVER
Summary: When Payson returns to Boulder, after one year absence, she doesn't expect that her life would take such an unexpected turn. An heated encounter with whom turns out to be her new coach, is just the beginning of her problems. With secrets too dangerous to be discovered, strange messages that torment her and her friends and her best friend still missing, she isn't sure who to trust anymore. AU

Pairing: Payson/Sasha

Here's chapter 2. I'm sorry for the wait but here it is. It's completely from Payson's POV.

Like always, there are phrases taken directly from the Pilot of PLL and some references to the Book 1 of the 'Pretty Little Liars' series.

P.S. Brian in this story is Payson's brother, not Emily's - obviously -, and he's not in a wheelchair.

Characters featured in this chapter in order of appearance: Payson Keeler, Mark Keeler(played by Brett Cullen), Kaylie Cruz, Kim Keeler, Emily Kmetko, Max Spencer, Steve Kmetko, Alex Cruz, Sasha Belov, Lauren Tanner, Heather Whitmore and Brian Keeler(played by Wyatt Smith).

Characters mentioned in this chapter: Regina Turner(played by Milena Govich), Coach McIntire and Kelly Parker.

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18 December 2013 @ 03:21 pm

collage the path to greatness SCRITTE3

Yes, another Payson/Sasha story. I can't help it, I love them together and I miss the show.

This is kind of AU. It's set after Nationals, Payson still broke her back but in my story she has the surgery after four weeks, not three months. And the competition in France for the National Team happens before the meet against China, not after.

Summary: After the surgery that fixed her back, Payson is ready to make her come back and be reinstated on the National Team. Even if she's ready, the NGO refuses her request anyway. Because of her accident, the NGO doesn't trust her to be consistent and dependable when they need her to be. There's only one person left in the Gymnastic World that really believes in her and that will help her in her path to greatness. Sasha helps her find her inner artistry in time for the meet against China. But because of the hours spent together, they become closer than either of them expected. Kind of AU.

Pairing: Payson/Sasha.

It's more of less a rewrite of the second half of season2 with pieces from the second half of season1, starting from after the surgery.

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